Timothy Club
The Timothy Club was started in 2002 by our pastor Bro. Tony Hutson as a tool to help our teenagers that wanted to go the second mile for the Lord. As a result of this ministry, it has now spread into the public high schools of our area and has reached many of their classmates for Christ.

We not only have the Timothy Club that meets every Wednesday during the summer for teaching, and training. We also have the Timothy Club Chapters that meet every Thursday during the school year. They meet for 30 to 45 minutes in all of our public high schools and even 2 middle schools. This is a wonderful opportunity to spread the gospel in the public schools. There are many young people and teachers alike that are hungry and wanting to know the truth.

The Timothy Club has opened the door, through “student initiated” prayer, for us to enter in the public schools again with prayer and the gospel. Please pray about starting Timothy Clubs in your area.

Timothy Club Creed
Timothy Club Requirements
Timothy Club Application
Students legal rights on public campus
Student Bible distribution during non-instructional time