Bus Ministry
Route 1
Captains: Jamie and April Simmions
Driver: Jamie Simmons
Workers: Maggie Simmions, Stacia Shewmaker & Alisha Jones
Record Sunday: 68
Route 2
Route 3
Captains: Gavin Flatt
Driver: Art Barnes
Workers: Matt Victory and Champ Riddick
Record Sunday: 177
Captains: Mike & Debbie Bercegeay
Driver: Mike Bercegeay
Workers: Bill & Reida Spitzner
Record Sunday: 131
Route 4
Captains:Jarred and Natasha Young
Driver: Jerry Callis
Record Sunday: 55
Route 6
Captains: Sammy Scruggs
Driver: Kevin Bridges
Workers: Bo Lefevers & Jack Smith
Record Sunday: 45
Route 7
Captains: Brianna Sutton
Driver: Robert Sutton
Workers: Ben Sutton & Jordan Holloway
Record Sunday: 76
Route 8 (The Team)
Captains: Joel Young
Driver: Joel Young
Workers: Daniel Kaae & Stephanie Truman
Record Sunday: 77
Route 9
Captains: Scott & Karen Henry
Driver: Scott Henry
Record Sunday: 74
Route 11
Captains: Tony & Tonya Baker
Driver: Greg Pennington
Workers: Brandon Carr
Record Sunday: 90
Route 12
Captains: Wayne and Tabby Coldwell
Driver: Wayne Coldwell
Workers: Jacob Davenport
Record Sunday: 33